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Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

– Winston S. Churchill

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Receive Warm Words and Compliments! Dream! Get inspired!

Best U is an application created especially for YOU.

It will delight you with a warm word or compliment, remind you of your coolness, beauty and intelligence, cheer you up and inspire with a wise quote.

Keep your dreams and victories - and Best U will periodically remind you of your achievements, past and future, small and great!

Relax in the special "Relax" mode, where warm words appear beautifully one after another, accompanied by wonderful music.

Receive warm words in the application itself or in the form of notifications!

Remember - U Can Do Anything!
You will certainly succeed!
You are a great man!

☕ Key features of Best U:
☑ Best U will please you with a warm word ...
☑ Remind you of your dreams and achievements
☑ Give a dose of motivation and inspiration with a wise quote
☑ Helps to relax in stressful situations on the game level for relaxation (additional purchase)
☑ More than 1000 warm words and compliments for YOU
☑ About 1000 wise and inspiring words and quotes
☑ Ability to keep your own Dream Journal and Victory Journal
☑ Send Warm Words, Congratulations and Wise Quotes to your loved ones through Best U!
☑ Special Relax-mode for your relaxation!
Be happy! Have a nice day!

* On VK:
* Website (ENG):
* E-mail: [email protected]

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