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Cashier of Grocery Shop

Cashier of Grocery Shop

Android - Game - Share

The simulator of the cashier of grocery shop - you are the cashier in small shop. You have an angry boss, inhabitants are impatient and you have to change everything. Sell goods, take money and give change. Be influenced by situations into which the cashier of shop gets. But remember - your boss is very angry for the whole world.

Forget supermarkets and huge shops, all you need is a small cash desk, both hands, and a nice brain. No matter the child you or the adult, girl or boy - this practice will help you in the future at work of the cashier or something similar where is a cash register.

Usually, working for a cash register is a profession for girls, but everyone can be a cashier.

The important point of the game is that goods should be sold in order which visitors want.

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