Glidey - Relaxing brain puzzles (100% Discount)

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Glidey - Relaxing brain puzzles

Glidey - Relaxing brain puzzles

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Glidey is a mind blowing puzzle game with logical challenges that tease you mind..
Glidey is a minimalist brain teaser with simple yet addictive gameplay along with a relaxing soundtrack and sound effects that will surely help you relax and focus.
The goal of this puzzle game is guiding a little ball named Glidey to the gate with simply rotating some objects and obstacles along the way BUT it's not that easy .. every object and obctacle has it's own unique ability .. that will create a challenging sometimes hard but definitely enjoyable puzzles..
So simply tap to rotate the object creating a path for Glidey to the gate or elsewise it will glide away from the target and you will lose the game and start the level over again.
With 75 hand-crafted levels containing obstacles, blocks, portales along with relaxing music and no distractions Glidey will definitely give you an unforgettable experience.
Sometimes you have to think many steps ahead before you launch the ball so you will need a good memory for that too! So in order to complete all the levels you will need to build a strategy, have a logical thinking and a good memory!
So Glidey will give you brain teasers, mind blowing logical puzzles that will challenge your mind and give you satisfaction once you complete evey level!!

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