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If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

– Jim Rohn

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■ Initial Reward
- Diamond 500
- Gold 5,000,000 (5M)

■ If you delete the game, the data will be reset

■ Game Description
- Block game that only blocks out now
- Various blocks, not just blocks
- Various boss waves every 10 waves
- Splendor of day bosses appear every day
- The power of the legendary boss heard only by the legend
- Demonstrate your skills through clashes with legendary bosses
- Huge rewards through various ranking status
- Enhance your battleship to make it even more powerful
- Ball power up through the lab
- Automatic ball launch angle adjustment
- Daily attendance bonus
- Daily mission bonuses provided every day
- Achievements and rewards never been given
- Try to rank higher than other users through the legendary boss battle
- When completing the Hell Boss mission, collect treasure chests that are given as rewards, and open the treasure chest with a key to give you items that can increase your ranking
■ Game Tips
- Change the diamonds (jewels) received in the game to gold and strengthen the ball through the lab
- Reinforce battleships by reinforcing potions and reinforcement potions.
- If you are curious about my information, click on the top left character
- Rank status is closely related to achievement (it will disappear from the rank if you don't achieve the next achievement in 3 days)
- After reincarnation, the level is reset but the stats remain the same
The speed at which a block descends after reincarnation is maintained at the speed it was at at the previous highest level (the faster you can remove the block)

■ Word of Developer
Your review is very powerful for indie developers
Thank you

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