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If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

– Jim Rohn

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Improve your knowledge and challenge your own general knowledge in many categories (movies, video games, music, math, history, mythology, geography, computer ...).

Quiz G is a difficult and fun quiz game. Thousands of questions are available.

You can use the following 3 jokers:
- fifty fifty
- request the opinion of the public
- call a friend

Here is the list of available categories:

- General Knowledge quiz
- Books quiz
- Film quiz
- Music quiz
- Musicals & theatres quiz
- Television quiz
- Video games quiz
- Board games quiz
- Science & Nature quiz
- Computer quiz
- Mathematics quiz
- Mythology quiz
- Sports quiz
- Geography quiz
- History quiz
- Politics quiz
- Art quiz
- Celebrities quiz
- Animals quiz
- Vehicules quiz
- Comics quiz
- Gadgets quiz
- Japanese anime & Manga quiz
- Cartoon & Animations quiz
- All together

The game is only available in English for now.

This game does not allow the player to win real money.

thank you to the sound effect creators who participated in the project by their achievements and their sharing on https://freesound.org/ (univ_lyon3, Felfa, Reitanna, Ozth, jhillam, FoxZine, bwg2020, troym1, bogenseeberg, MattLeschuck, yeahyeahyup and qubodup)

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