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SLOC - 2D Rubik Cube Puzzle

SLOC - 2D Rubik Cube Puzzle

Android - Game - Share

Pure, authentic, and relaxing color game. Just one mechanics - Click & Drag, Create a shape from random blocks!

-The classic Rubik's cube logic is now available in TWO dimensions.
-Slide the block rows and columns and recreate the given pattern to win.

🔷How to play this cube puzzle game?
Click and drag your finger in horizontal or vertical direction (up, down, left and right). See how the block moves and remember things that leave the screen always come back from the other end. Make a beautiful shape shown above the play area (a.k.a target image) from random blocks and experience the colorful relaxing experience.

Currently, there are two cube puzzle size: 3x3 and 4x4

With 3x3 puzzle, you create an abstract image.
With 4x4 puzzle, you create images like - Tiger , Water , Pikachu , Duck , Fire, hammer, coin and many more shapes.

Enjoy the game and Feel free to share what you think about the game here @Lakshay.

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