Xbar10n : Card Game - New 2020 (100% Discount)

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Xbar10n : Card Game - New 2020

Xbar10n : Card Game - New 2020

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Those who trust their intelligence here. You will love the exciting new card game xbar10n that makes you think.

Xbar10n is a unique strategy game created with a very special scoring system.

Xbar10n is a fun new game with universal, intelligence-enhancing features.

Everyone likes their simple rules and understandable style of playing.

In addition to being a deep and expert scoring system; The player, who is not familiar with the scoring system, can easily achieve successful results with a little glory, paying attention to a few rules.

Xbar10n can play the game in any age range.

How is the game played? Those who want to specialize very simply can get additional help from within the app and the site.

The game consists of a deck of 52 cards and 54 playing cards in total of 2 jokers. And each card has game-specific score and rank. In the game, 34 cards are distributed to the parties, 17 cards and 20 cards are left on the floor.

After 3 cards are strategically selected and discarded, a card comes from the ground and the game lasts 9 hands. In the game, the first 8 hands with a high number of cards in the hand wins 50 points. The final hand score is a surprise and 150 points.

The player with a high total score of 9 hands wins. Additional points of the game determined by special coefficients are also calculated and written on the leaderboard.

Systemic and mathematical thinking discipline gives decision-making and intuitive thinking ability to the player of this game.

The memory of those who play also strengthens. In addition, the people who play, get away from stress and have a fun time as a result of the exercises that develop intelligence.

ABSTRACT: * Card Game Lovers.

Those who want to play new games.

Those who trust their intelligence.

Those Who Seek Strategy Game.

Those who want to have fun.

You will surely love this game and you will not be able to give up.

You can find detailed information about the game on our site and videos.

You can send an e-mail for your requests and suggestions.

Also, those who want to support: They can come back with comments and likes.

Thank you now. Welcome to the Xbar10n family.

Site: www.bar10n.com.tr & Mail: [email protected]

Creator of Xbar10n

İlhami Savaş OKUR

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