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The Focus Stacking software for professional applications!

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Giveaway : FOCUS projects 4
FOCUS projects 4

FOCUS projects 4: The Focus Stacking software for professional applications! , Create textbook macros, razor-sharp, and with details like you’ve never seen before. With the new technologies of FOCUS projects 4 professional you can create state-of-the-art macro photos that have a fascinating depth of focus and bring extraordinary details to light.

  • HQ stacking with 64-bit calculation
  • Focus boost technology for even greater sharpness
  • Up to 30 sharpness levels
  • Intelligent Automatic Image Optimizer
  • Removal of Scratch and Sensor Errors
  • Selective Tool for Image Retouching
  • For Windows and Mac
  • Stand-Alone and Plug-In Ready

What actually is Focus Stacking?
Are you familiar with it? Even when you are very close to an object, is the depth of field still not sufficient to clearly show the entire object? Anyone who enjoys taking photographs with scales of 1:1 or greater reaches the limits of the lens quicker than they would like.
The depth of field is still very low in photographs taken at these scales. It cannot be balanced out through strong fading because the detail sharpness of the complete image is then reduced and there is also insufficient light available.
We have put an end to all this. The solution is: take a Focus Stack! FOCUS projects 4 merges all photos with 3 to 30 sharpness levels into one image with incomparable depth of field.
The photographed object is now consistently sharp from front to back and this is all effortlessly and in just a few seconds. You don’t need to press buttons or adjust controls. You get sharp macros automatically.
NEW: Focus boost technology for even greater sharpness
The Focus Boost technologies of FOCUS projects pro give your photos a further sharpness boost. After merging the individual images, specific image parts are gathered for repeated sharpness optimization – thatʼs Focus Stacking squared.

Which individual images really help and which upset the overall work of art? FOCUS projects 4 analyses the individual images in the Focus Stack and ignores the images that are not necessary for calculating the overall image. Your images thus contain fewer errors and the development process is streamlined

Screenshots :

License Details :

License info:1-win license per registration/user, for home use
Update policy: no free updates, but special offers for users of a previous version.
Tech support policy: no free tech support guaranteed, but we do our very best to help users.
Re-install policy:  cannot be registered after promo ends
Download size: 143 MB (WIN)
Regular price: 69.00 USD

How to activate FOCUS projects 4 :

Download the installer and extract the .zip file. To initiate the installation-process open the folder and execute the programm by double-clicking on the  programm-icon. ( Windows: . exe Mac: .dmg).
Follow steps 1- 4 as mentioned within the Registration form:


  • 1.)  Click on the Button „Internet“. You will be forwared to website of the distributor, where you have to enter your e-mail adress to recieve your unlock code.  Proceed now to your Inbox and activate your account by clicking on the containing DOI-Link.
  • You will be forwared to a website containing cour unique User-ID and Registration-Key. Both codes will be send to you by email as well
  • 2.)    Copy the user-ID and Registration-Key and enter them into the Registration-Form. Hit „OK“ on the bottom right of the Registration form to proceed the installation process.
  • 3.)    Select your prefaiired language and installation-path and finalize the installation
  • 4.)    The programm will start automatically and ask you again for your Registration-key. Enter it once again and hit the button „register“ on the bottom-left corner. You are done!

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FOCUS projects 4
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