Giveaway : GiMeSpace TouchSpace Synth (100% Discount)

A program to help you to make playing music on a computer more intuitive and affordable for anyone who wants to make music.

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Giveaway : GiMeSpace TouchSpace Synth
GiMeSpace TouchSpace Synth

GiMeSpace TouchSpace Synth was created to make playing music on a computer more intuitive and affordable for anyone who wants to make music.It offers the most natural way to make music by simply using your touch screen or your hand in front of the webcam.

If you don’t have these you can also use your mouse. Creating your favorite instrument is also very easy: you need a couple of seconds of the sound that your instrument will make and import it as a WAV file. It will be converted to an instrument and you can still adjust the individual frequencies of your instrument.

In the settings window, you can adjust the attack time of your instrument, a short attack time means the volume and frequency of your instrument are reproduced almost instantly like with a piano or a triangle. Longer attack times sound more like a flute or violin.
The release time defines how long it takes for the sound of a note to fade away. Also in the settings window, you can select the lowest and the highest playing notes for the main playing window.
There are 2 playing modes: fluent frequencies (like with a violin) or standard notes like with a piano. Low notes are on the left and high on the right. The upper part corresponds to the higher volume and below to the lower volume.

When you are happy with your playing skills you can decide to record your music by clicking on the record button which will save it to a WAV file.

Screenshots :

License Details :

License info: 1-computer lifetime license, for home and business use
Update policy: no free updates
Tech support policy: no free tech support
Re-install policy: cannot be registered after promo ends
Giveaway version: Home edition v1.0.6
Download size: 3 MB
Regular price: $14.95 USD

How to activate GiMeSpace TouchSpace Synth :

From the unlock button submit your license key

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GiMeSpace TouchSpace Synth
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