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It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.

– Herman Melville

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Giveaway : NEAT projects
NEAT projects

NEAT projects : Create impressive images without any disturbing objects and a clear view.It can be so easy with NEAT projects

Features :

  • A clear view of your motif on the fly: image editing can be so endlessly easy with NEAT projects

London, Paris, Rome: Hundreds of attractions with amazing photo ops. As usual, you’re not the only one trying to steal a glance or find the perfect perspective, and more often than not this means that the hopes of getting a clear shot of your subject start to look rather bleak. NEAT projects automatically removes all people, animals or vehicles obstructing a clear line of sight to your target and transforms your photograph into a real eye-catcher.

  • Finally create images like in the magazins

NEAT projects allows you to remove anyone who walked into your image – afterwards on your Computer.

The good thing: you dont need any mask, brushes , just a simple click with NEAT projects.
It’s quite simple: You take multiple photos in a row—no tripod required—and, just like that, NEAT projects erases all moving people and objects, leaving you with an obstructed view of your subject

  • You can visit all the museums and attractions stress-free

Enjoy every moment, and at the same time come home with photos which only you were able to capture.
No matter how many people are standing in front of a painting, landmark, or building, the first step in obtaining a completely unobstructed view of your target involves aiming your camera and shooting one photo after the other.
With NEAT projects, there is no tripod required! NEAT projects merges the series of images into one with the help of award-winning algorithms from the makers of projects Software.

With NEAT projects, here’s what you can expect

βœ” One-of-a-kind travel photos despite large amounts of tourists
βœ” The ability to photograph cities and attractions without the obstruction of passersby
βœ” Perfectly suited Software for editing Portraits and Group photos taken in densely crowded areas
βœ” The means to turn plazas and parks “empty
βœ” The ability to photograph Churches from the inside without capturing multitudes of visitors
βœ” Clear views of all works of art in museums
βœ” Street-Photography with an absence of cars
βœ” The documentation of Nature at its finest

More informations :

Min System Requirements:
Windows 10/8/7, 32 bit, Core Duo processor, 2 GB RAM, resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, graphics card: DirectX-compatible, 32 bit colour depth

Mac OS X 10.7 or later, 64 bit, Intel processor, 2 GB RAM, resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, with retina 2,304 x 1,440 pixels
!The plug-in functionality is currently not supported by macOS 10.15 (Catalina)!

Screenshots :

License Details :

License info: 2-computer lifetime license, for home and business use
Update policy: no free updates
Tech support policy: no free tech support
Re-install policy: can be registered after promo ends
Giveaway version: 1.0
Regular price: $ 69.00

How to activate NEAT projects :

After executing the installer, follow the instructions mentioned within the popup
1.) Open the developer website
2.) Create a user-Account
3.) verify your E-Mail address to receive the user-ID and Registration code.

Then enter both values into the popUp and proceed with the installation.

In the first run, the software asks you to enter your license-key. Copy and paste the registration code once again in this field and you are done.

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