Emails Domain Validator

Easily validate the domain of bulk emails and detect not-exists emails.

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Emails Domain Validator
Description :

GV Emails Domain Validator is a useful application that allows you to validate the domains of your emails in bulk. The software helps you to find no-exists domains and reduce the bounce rate of your mail list.
The software helps you to find no-exists emails, not checking the delivery of an email, let me give you an example. These 2 emails are both valid inside our software because both have a valid domain "".

If you want to buy an email verification service and you have a list of 1M emails, you can use our software to delete no-exist emails before using the service to check the delivery, and of course, save extra money.

The trial version allows you to validate only 100 emails each time.

Screenshots :

Emails Domain Validator
Emails Domain Validator
Emails Domain Validator
Emails Domain Validator
Emails Domain Validator
Comments :

noname profile

does it only check the domain or does it also lookup the name on the mailserver? Reply

Replies :
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The software check only if the domain of the email exists, you can download the trial version and test yourself. Reply
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Emails Domain Validator
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Download Emails Domain Validator

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Emails Domain Validator
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